Justin Lee – 10th Solo Exhibition.
They Used To Be My Playground

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Justin Lee -10th Solo Exhibition.
They Used To Be My Playground

14 Jan – 21 Feb 2020

Justin Lee’s recent works reflect on how text influences and control the users in our daily lifestyle. His works also reflect on words and images from the mass media like signages, billboards and consumer products which control our thoughts and expressions. Drawing from his famous, “The Now Happiness” series works that focused on consumerism on how object influence and control consumer behavior and personality, this new series “They Used To Be My Playground” begins after Singapore’s independence in the 1960s. It’s structuring of the modern Singapore society, to the 1980s industrialization and housing development for Singapore. As always, Justin’s satire take on the mapping and restructuring of ‘so-called’ Singapore value in both art and culture questioned the very involvement of the government presence in it; with its political irony, sarcasm and ridicule.


In this show, Justin cleverly juxtaposed the imageries of the Housing Development Board (HDB) door, map of Singapore and the importance of tree into objects and sculptures that converse the Singapore of today and the very lifestyle of the Singaporean. HOB door, an ever-present iconic symbol of more than seventy per cent of Singaporean residential door, renege to look liked birdcage, questioning the comfort zone most Singaporean are themselves in it. Sculpture in the map of Singapore, represent the popular debates on the emphasizing of the importance of ‘One Singapore, One nation, One People’ theology to the less autocratic government. In all Justin’s styles, a pure visual journey and experience for the audiences to enjoy, be it a serious look, or humorous take, or maybe meditative thought to bring back.

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